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About Us

Pastoral Care Pastor (Part-Time)

About the Opportunity:

Westover Church is seeking a pastor to help in accomplishing care of the church body through pastoral support. This position will serve as primary point of contact for pastoral care/counsel to members & their families as they navigate palliative care and/or final arrangements. Home and/or hospital visits (as permitted) will also be incorporated into this role.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Execute the Westover Church funeral processes through family consultation & working with designated funeral assistance
  • Conducts funerals on behalf of Westover Church; serves as primary contact for such care
  • Lead & provide pastoral services for families at Westover who are journeying through palliative care needs
  • Visits to members of the church body, serve as primary point of contact for pastoral care
  • Provides pastoral counsel to members & attendees as needed
  • Maintains efficient system for keeping church leaders/other pastors aware of needs of the church body


  • Ability to pursue Westover Church licensure 
  • Prior experience in conducting funerals & providing pastoral support 
  • Heart to engage with members of the church body
  • Ability to communicate through multiple channels to ensure ease of processes
  • Schedule flexibility due to the changing needs/nature of this work

Interested candidates should submit a Westover job application and a cover letter which details their alignment with the qualifications set forth.


Job Type: Part Time

Contact Delilah Flores:


336-299-7374 x2804