Global Ministries

Global Ministries

Focus Area: Persian World

Projects that require a huge undertaking need to be accomplished by incremental steps. The familiar maxim says that the way to eat an elephant is “one bite at a time.” This concept is behind the reason why Global Ministries has developed focus areas. With all the needs in the world, we learn to care for and pray for people around the world by taking them “one at a time.”

Our current focus area is the Persian people group which live primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Jesus’ promise that He would build His Church (Matthew 16:18) is taking shape in incredible ways among the Persian people in response to the prayers of His people (Matthew 9:37-38). To aid in helping us know more about our focus area, please use the information on the page below to develop a deeper appreciation of how Westover Church is taking part in what God is doing in the world.

Still confused about Persian people and Iran?  (I know I was.)  Think England and British.  We often use the terms interchangeably but the English people group are only one people that make up the British Isles.  Historically there are Scottish, Irish, and Welsh, not to mention the millions from around the globe that have made the United Kingdom their home.  In Iran, the Persian people are roughly 55-60% of the population and, because the country was called “Persia” until 1935, we still tend to use the terms synonymously. Persians are also among the largest ethnic group in both Tajikistan and Afghanistan and estimates suggest that there are as many as four million Persians in the United States.  

 Videos From Ministry in The Persian World