Why Do Christians Help in Disaster? October 10, 2018

As Westover encourages you to respond to the Hurricane Florence disaster, a question you may ask is what makes Westover distinctive apart from other organizations (e.g. Red Cross) who are providing help and support to individuals and families impacted?

It should be noted that these organizations do a tremendous job of providing for the Common Good in society and we should look to them as an example of how to do so also. 

What is distinctive about our response is that we do so in the name of Christ.  In the Gospels’ we see a picture of Jesus who not only instructs followers to step towards the pain of others (the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-27), but also demonstrates what it means to do so (the healing of the leper in Matthew 8:1-3).   When we step towards the pain of others in the name of Christ it bears witness to the goodness of Christ, a goodness that is freely given through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ – this is amazing grace, and we have the opportunity to exhibit that to people who are hurting. 

So as you pray, give, go, or all three, remember that you do so as a reflection of the glory of the Lord seen vividly in Jesus.

- By Wes Ward, Missional Life Pastor


Click here for a list of ways you can help those affected by Hurricane Florence.