I Have Always Enjoyed Singing January 27, 2017

Why do I serve in the Choir?

I have always enjoyed singing, never did formally, just in middle school and high school choir.
I was saved in May of 2013, in June 2013, I stepped into Westover for the first time and was in awe at the time of worship, His Holy Spirit overwhelmed me with tears of joy. I then listened to Pastor Don deliver God’s living, breathing Word in such a clear and applicable manner that I knew Westover was the church where I belonged.

The following Sunday, Pastor Dan Grassi announced “open summer choir” and I felt my heart leap with excitement and nerves at the same time. I clearly felt the Holy Spirit pulling me to attend and I just went for it the next Wednesday.

From the first time I attended choir practice, I immediately felt extremely welcome, especially by Clarence Church and Kay who have huge hearts. I thought I might have to “audition” and was very relieved that I was only asked if I sang soprano or alto and to complete a simple form. The whole atmosphere at choir has always been refreshing to me, a welcome mid-week respite from the daily responsibilities of work and home, an opportunity for fellowship and worship to our Creator.

What I did not expect nor had ever experienced, was the direct, overwhelming and warm presence of the Holy Spirit throughout my very being every Sunday we worshipped to our precious Lord, especially on the Easter and Christmas concerts. It is a humbling and simultaneously joyful experience, which shows us a glimpse of His glorious splendour and love.

I encourage you to serve with the choir ministry, it is a blessing and a privilege to worship God together through songs of joy, which bring the Good News to so many saved and lost souls who walk through the Westover doors!

- Margarita Schiavone, Choir Member

Psalm 89:1 (NIV)
I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever;
with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known
through all generations.