October Q&A Details October 05, 2020

Are you wondering when we may move back inside for worship and what the next few months may look like in terms of ministry and programming at Westover? Read through the Q&A below and watch the live video Q&A session with Westover staff here.

October Q&A

When are we re-entering the building? 

    • It has been a blessing that we have been able to worship together since July outdoors. On October 25th we will move our Sunday morning worship services indoors. 

  •  Why now? Help us understand the reasons behind the timing of choosing to re-enter the building?

    • We now believe we can do it in a manner that ensures the safety for our body and staff and we firmly believe this was the safest, best decision for our body until now.

    • There are so many components that we needed to consider in coming back inside. Not just social distancing and wearing masks, but cleaning processes, air quality and filtration with our HVAC systems, and the necessity of having enough volunteer staff to make it a welcoming and safe experience. 

  • What will re-entering the building on Sunday’s look like? What can I expect?

    • Westover will be holding a single indoor service each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. We have enough space to safely spread out and accommodate everyone.

    • All five entrances will be open. Doors will be propped open with the goal of allowing you to get from your car to your seat without opening a door.

    • There will be six seating areas available including the Worship Center, Activity Center, Theater, Atrium, W201 and S105. The Activity Center and the Theater are family-friendly rooms. All spaces are designed so people/ families can be seated six feet apart.

    • In the Theater and the Activity Center there will be family-friendly rooms with tables set up for families to sit. There will be paper and crayons on the tables for kids. Our hope is this will provide a relaxed space where parents will not have to worry about their young kids crawling under seats or making too much noise.  

  • What about Kids Programming?

    • Starting November 15th, we will begin offering kids programming (birth - 5th grade) on Sunday mornings. If you are not comfortable sending your kids to a classroom or if you prefer your kid to come to the service with you, the family-friendly spaces will remain an option as well. Things to keep in mind regarding the start of Sunday morning programming for kids:

      • Register your kids in advance each week via this link.

      • Westover kids DOES NOT HAPPEN without volunteers. A number of kids’ volunteers won’t be returning due to Covid comfort levels, so a lot of our programming is contingent upon having the volunteers in place to do the work of the ministry.

      • If you want to volunteer, we need you to go to the church website and fill out a serving application. 

  • What’s happening with Impact Middle School and FUSE High School?

    • Weekly Wednesday night programming for middle and high school students will continue. We will continue meeting outside until Wednesday October 28th, at which point students will begin meeting inside as well. 

    • Our High School small groups are already meeting on Sunday nights. Visit to get involved.

  • What safety precautions are being taken as we move our service inside?

    • Facemasks required.

    • Social distancing of six feet.

    • Increased sanitation of the building, particularly in high traffic areas.

    • HVAC - hospital grade filtration units that kill viruses and bacteria. 

    • If we are notified that someone in the building has tested positive for COVID-19, what will you do with that information?

      • Inform Westover by calling the church or going to our website and submitting an email. 

      • A designated staff member with a medical background will follow-up with that individual. 

      • The risk will be assessed and appropriate notification to the body will be made, but names will be kept confidential.

      • Following CDC guidelines for larger groups, including wearing facemasks and social distancing, means that the risk of infection is greatly reduced. 

  • Why are we choosing to do things this way?

    • A team of staff did careful research and had many prayerful conversations that led to these protocols. CDC, ADA, local and state regulations were all considered. Westover’s goal is to strike a good balance between safety and ministry.  

What is the Status of the Lead Pastor Search?

  • Westover’s Search Team is comprised of 10 members. 

  • After going through an initial search phase and not finding our next Lead Pastor, the team is preparing for Phase 2.
  • The company Westover is partnering with for this search… is in communication with 5 potential candidates at this time. They will present this next slate of candidates to our Search Team on October 28th. 

Virtual Fall Global Plans: 

  • What’s happening with Fall Global Celebration this year? Generally, what can we expect?

    • This year’s Fall Global Celebration will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person components.

      • Oct. 31 will be our Fall Global Picnic here on the Westover Campus. Missionaries will be present and this will be a wonderful opportunity for us to meet them and learn about their ministries.

      • Join us on YouTube Nov. 1-3 to hear about what God is doing around the world through our Global Worker Family. 

      • More info for both of these are found on our website 

  • How are we handling Faith Promise?

    • We are sending a Westover-wide mailing with the details of how to participate in Faith-Promise giving this year. We continue to thank the Lord for His provision for those serving throughout the world. 

What’s Coming Up? 

  • Christmas / Advent Season 

    • Advent and Christmas Eve:

      • We are planning a very meaningful, memorable Christmas Eve service this year with more details to follow. 

  • Next GEN - What’s upcoming?

      • Westover Kids:

        • For our kids, we have another family service on October 11th from 4-5pm

        • We will have a movie night on October 23rd

      • Middle School and High School:

        • Worship Night coming up on November 15th

        • High School Small Groups

      • Fast forward to 2021, we are excited about Awana kicking off again in January. Again, that is contingent on our ability to have volunteers in place. 

  • International Worship Night

    • Friday, December 4th @ 7pm  |  Westover Theater | All invited

    • Scripture-based worship: using Bible passages to lead in song and prayer.

    • Multiple languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, and TBD African languages 

  • Next year?

    • We are certainly planning for 2021, but if these last months have taught us anything, that we need to be flexible as we plan, we’re planning these with an open hand, given that circumstances can change.

    • Short term mission trips, Mars Hill, Project Serve, Camp Allelu and others, we’re all planning for 2021.

    • We will continue investing heavily in the priority of next generation ministries, partnering with parents, and our outreach locally and globally.