Westover Library and Bookstore

About the Opportunity:

Westover Library

The Westover Library is located in the North Hallway at the bottom of the circular stairs on the 1st floor of Westover Church. We offer books, audio books on CD, and DVDs for every age and every stage of life for checkout. One of the ways you might serve in the library would be assisting people by helping them find materials and check them out.

Westover Bookstore

The Westover Bookstore is located in the hallway behind the Atrium. We have a variety of books, Bible studies, cards, and childrens products for our body to choose from. Join our team to help people with their purchases.


If you already have a Westover serving application on file and are interested in this service opportunity, please email the ministry contact below. If you have never completed a serving application, please do so using the link below and indicate the volunteer opportunity you are interested in on the application.

Serving application 

Contact Cammie Brown: