Westover's Leftovers – A Weekly Advent Podcast December 01, 2021

Westover's Leftovers is our weekly podcast during Advent where we'll talk with our pastors and guest speakers about their Sunday leftovers– parts of their sermon that didn't quite make the cut for Sunday, but are still valuable for us to dive into during the week. 

Westover's Leftovers is available to listen on Anchor, SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Check in each week for new episodes! 

Available Episodes:

  • Week 1 – "Perfect Hope" with Pastor Michael Carter
  • Week 2 – "Perfect Victory" with Chris Hardy
  • Week 3 – "Perfect Peace" with Jeremy Kingsley
  • Week 4 - "Perfect Love" with Myron Wilkins
  • Week 5 - Christmas Eve with Chris Shelton