Love Life Week May 02, 2022

May 22-28, 2022 is “Love Life” Week at Westover Church. As the sponsoring church for the week, Westover Church will be partnering with Love Life to proclaim the sacredness of all human life across our local community, along with the hope and healing that is found in the love of Christ and His Gospel. During this particular week, we are encouraging our church family to join us for a week of intercessory prayer for our neighbors who are facing a ‘crisis,’ unwanted, or unexpected pregnancy, many of whom are desperate for help and hope. In doing so, we are also crying out for God’s rescue on behalf the precious lives of the most vulnerable among us - the unborn/preborn.

The week will include a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Wednesday, May 25th, with a special prayer gathering from 7-8pm in W201.

Love Life week will conclude with a Prayer Walk on Saturday, May 28th from 9:00- 10:30am in the parking lot of Destiny Christian Center (2401 Randleman Rd, Greensboro). Following a time of worship and instruction, the Prayer Walk will proceed to the abortion center next door, where we will peacefully and quietly prayerfully intercede for the children, women, men, and doctors who will be visiting the center that day.

Sign up for the Day of Prayer and Fasting and/or the Prayer Walk here.

IMPORTANT: This is not a pro-life march or political demonstration. There will be no arguing, protesting, or directly engaging with anyone. Instead, we want to contribute to a family-friendly and safe environment, while following the Code of Conduct set forth by Love Life. Will you join us?

If you, your family, friends, and/or group would like to participate, please fill out a registration card in the lobby at our Local Missions wall, where one of our Team Members can assist you and answer any questions you may have. Westover Local Missions is proud to be partnered with Love Life, including several other organizations that serve women, men and children facing crisis:

The Pregnancy Network

Room at the Inn 

The Family Room 

Westover's Abortion Recovery Support Group