Margin Series August 10, 2023


Life can be incredibly busy, and as we push through daily tasks and responsibilities, each day can blur into the next. We spend every day searching for something to bring a little bit of satisfaction to get us through the day. And the next day, we do the same thing. And the next. And the next. When does it stop? When do we take the time to create a little space, a little time, a little margin for what matters most? 

During our 5-week Margin series, we invite you to breathe, relax, and take the time to stop and ask the questions that matter most in life. Take a journey into the Gospel story that gives us rest for our souls as we consider questions like What are my limits? What can I take on? What do I leave space for in my life? We invite you to find a little margin. 


For the 5 weeks of the Margin series we are going all-in, and we want you to join us! Join us at 9am and 10:30am on Sundays as Pastor Kevin teaches us all about margin–what it is, why we need it, and its practical impact on our daily lives. But we don't want to stop at Sunday mornings! 


At Westover, we believe that connecting in community is a vital part of our spiritual  journey, and we want to help you get connected to a Margin Group! During the Margin Series, groups will meet weekly to watch a video from Pastor Kevin, to dive deeper into scripture, and learn from each other through group lesson questions found in our Margin Series Guide.  

To see our available groups or to sign up for a Margin Group, click HERE.


In addition to group lessons, your Margin Series Guide also includes devotions for personal reflection. These devotions have been written for you by Westover pastors, elders, deacons, staff and members of the Westover body! Each week includes 5 days of devotions, as well as a day of margin and a weekly truth.



Physical copies of the Margin Series Guide will be available at the HUB (Main Lobby) at Westover Church starting on August 27. 

To access a digital copy of the Margin Series Guide, click HERE


Videos for the Margin Series can be accessed  by clicking HERE.


Where can I go to sign up for a Margin Group? 

Click HERE to sign up for a Margin Group

I'm already part of a group. Can my group go through the Margin Series Guide together?

Absolutely! If your existing group would like to be part of the Margin Groups, please send us an email.

Are the Margin Series Guides free?

The Margin Series guides are completely free! Visit the HUB on Sunday mornings to pick up a physical copy starting Aug. 27th, or access a digital copy by clicking HERE

Where do I watch the Margin Group Videos?

You can access group videos by clicking HERE. Having trouble? Send us an email!

I still have questions.

Great! We're here to help. Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.