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About Us

Lead Pastor Transition

In January 2020 we launched the Lead Pastor search process with the Vanderbloemen Search Group and the Pastoral Search Committee (the “Committee”). Below you’ll find more information about the extensive vetting process undertaken by the Committee and the Elders. In addition, you’ll learn a bit more about the church membership’s vital role in this endeavor.  

There are four stages in the pastoral search process. Every stage will be covered in prayer, seeking the Lord’s wisdom and guidance. The process may be subject to change in the months ahead as we work with the final candidates, but right now this is our best plan of how it will unfold. Please review the stages below: 

The process is overseen by a Pastoral Search Committee composed of representatives from the Elders, the Deacons, and our congregation at large.

Hear from Don and Donna Miller about finding Westover's next Lead Pastor

Common Questions

Stage 1: Sourcing Candidates | Current Stage

Stage 2: Search Committee Approval

Stage 3: Elder Approval

Stage 4: Membership Approval

Congregation's Role

How You Can Pray