Welcoming Ministry

About the Opportunity:

Our Welcoming Ministry is a really fun way to serve at Westover. It is the goal of the Welcoming Ministry to joyfully greet and serve the body of Westover and our guests.

Coffee and Hospitality Team

Team members arrive early Sunday mornings to prepare coffee for each of our serving stations including the upstairs Main Lobby, and Cafe. They also provide a touch of hospitality to our classes and worship service. These dedicated and passionate teams provide a needed and much-appreciated "behind-the-scenes" ministry to the people of Westover.

Connection Team

This team contacts all our first-time guests to welcome them to our church. They are equipped with ways our guests can connect with the body and are available to answer any questions our guests may have.

Discover Westover Team

This team attends our monthly Discover Westover classes that are designed to help those who are new to Westover to learn more about our church and to connect them to relevant ministries. This is a great way to meet and welcome those who are new to Westover as well as those interested in getting more involved. 

First-Time Guests Team

This  team  greets  and  guides  our  first-time  guests  from  the  Welcome  Tent  and  Welcome  Centers  to  their  best  destination.  This is  done  with  a  warm  smile  and  friendly  conversation,  along  with  offering  them  a  quick  Westover  orientation  and  gift  bag. This  team  has  a  heart  for  the  local  church,  a  love  for  Westover,  and  is  passionate  about  hospitality  and  connecting  people  to the various ministries of  the church.

Greeter Team

Our Greeters help fulfill the purpose and vision of Westover by offering a friendly greeting and any additional assistance needed to all those entering our doors. Quite possibly one of the most fun and best-kept secrets of serving at Westover, our Greeters are ready to hold a door, offer a smile, and welcome all to Westover! Please reach out to Mindy Dooley if interested in serving.

Parking Team

The Parking Team is a close-knit crew which arrives early each Sunday to prepare the lots for traffic and offer prayer for our church and guests. They serve the body of Christ at Westover by providing safe directions for all who enter our lots. This fun team is usually the first to offer a welcoming greeting to each of our guests and members, rain or shine.

Ushering Team

Our Ushering Team assists all who enter the Worship Center. They offer a warm greeting and information, provide seating guidance, and assist with many other service needs. One of the largest teams at Westover, this team seeks to learn the names of those who come through the doors.

Welcome Center

The folks at the Welcome Center are equipped and ready to answer questions, helping guests and attendees alike discover what opportunities are available for connecting to life and ministry at Westover. The Welcome Center is located down the hall from the worship center in our main lobby.


If you already have a Westover serving application on file and are interested in this service opportunity, please email the ministry contact below. If you have never completed a serving application, please do so using the link below and indicate the volunteer opportunity you are interested in on the application.

Serving application 

Contact Mindy Dooley:

336-299-7374 x1001