Local Ministries

Local Ministries

Apartment Life

Apartment Life is a national faith-based, non-profit organization that is motivated by the belief that every individual is created for genuine community. Apartment Life places CARES Teams in communities nationwide in partnership with apartment managers to build community and serve residents by doing things that flow naturally out of the Christian lifestyle. Westover is working with a CARES Team that is living at the Colonial Apartment complex near the church. There are many opportunities to serve as support and encouragement for our CARES Team couple as they plan events and build relationships with neighbors that show love in practical ways such as:

  1. Welcoming new residents and building relationships with neigbors 

  2. Planning monthly social events, and CARE-ing for residents and property staff in times of need  

  3. Help serve and greet during events that are 2-3 times per month (e.g. Back to school bash, pancake breakfast, etc.)

  4. Help with logistics (tape calendars on apartment doors each month)

  5. Food preparation for events

For more information about getting involved, contact Missional Life Pastor, Wes Ward or email the Westover CARES Team