Global Ministries

Global Ministries

Thanksgiving Offering

This year out Thanksgiving Offering will go to help Aaron & Stacey with the Himalayan Scripture App!

The problemMissionaries labor for years to curate excellent, culturally appropriate Scripture content. But in more restricted areas, it’s hard to distribute printed resources.

The situationMany Himalayan people have smartphones, even in isolated locations. We’ve seen nomadic yak herdsmen charging their iPhones with solar devices next to their tents.

The solutionA mobile app to make currently-available Himalayan language Scripture recordings and text accessible in remote areas. The goal is for Himalayan people beyond the reach of missions teams to have access God’s Word.

Target audience and purposeFor local Himalayans to engage Jesus in a Biblically sound and culturally appropriate way.

The project cost: Approximately $8,000. Your donation can make the Scriptures available for someone who might never hear otherwise.

How to give:

Click here to give online.

To give by check, please make your check payable to Westover Church, and write “Thanksgiving Offering” on the memo line.

If you'd like to donate via cash, please use an envelope and write “Thanksgiving Offering” on the outside.

This offering will close on November 30, 2022.