Global Ministries

Global Ministries

Fall Global Celebration

Ravi Zacharias Information Below

Westover Church was formed with the vision of sending and supporting global workers, focused on fulfilling the great commission internationally. Each November since 1950, we have held a Fall Global Celebration, enjoying a time of fellowship with our global family and international guests.

Our global family members attend the FGC every four to five years. It serves as an opportunity for Westover to welcome them home and enjoy times of fellowship and encouragement. The FGC also gives our guests a chance to share and educate us on what God is doing through their individual ministries and the ministries with whom they partner. See the full schedule of events below.

We are excited to welcome author, speaker and apologist, Ravi Zacharias to speak at Westover on November 4 as a part of our Fall Global Celebration. He will speak at both our 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM services. Both services are open to the community. Please do allow extra time for parking that day and regular attenders are asked to park across Muirs Chapel Road in the Benway parking lot.

Press Release About Ravi Zacharias' Visit
Ravi Zacharias Nov. 4th Appearance FAQ


Scheduled Events

Check your calendar and join us for these scheduled events with our global family. 
Our Guests will meet and present in small groups all over Greensboro each evening of FGC week.
Sign up to host a Missionary Meal (sign up ends Oct. 21)

Saturday, November 3
10AM-1PM  |  Picnic with our FGC Guests, Triad Park: 9652 East Mountain Street, Kernersville, NC 27284, RSVP by October 29

Sunday, November 4  
(Please note service time change from 9:30 to 9:00)
9AM & 11AM  |  WORSHIP SERVICE with Ravi Zacharias
Founder & President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
9AM & 11AM  |  Our FGC Guests share in LifeCommunities

Monday, November 5
FGC Guests spend time in homes

Tuesday, November 6
FGC Guests spend time in homes
2:00pm-3:30pm  |  Women's Missionary Fellowship, Room N103

Wednesday, November 7
6PM-8PM  |  Family event with FGC Guests, Church Gym 
(Awana kids get an Awana buck for attending!)

Thursday, November 8
FGC Guests spend time in homes

Friday, November 9
FGC Guests spend time in homes

Saturday, November 10
FGC Guests spend time in homes

Sunday, November 11
9:30AM & 11AM  |  WORSHIP SERVICE with Steve Richardson
President of Orlando-based Pioneers-USA

Our Guests

Brad & Emily Akin | US - College Ministry
Ryan & Erica Coryell | Ecuador - Camping Ministry
Ric & Frieda Escobar | US - Training
Brad & Elizabeth - Asia | Mobilization & Disciple-making
David & Debbie Frank | Spain - Camping Ministry
Philip and Gabriela G. | Thailand - Children's Ministry
Rollin & Wendy Grams | US/South Africa - Education
Grant & Jenna Hodgins | Guam - Radio Technology
Darryl and Sandi H. | Central Asia - Aviation
Tom & Lois Jackson | Zimbabwe - Discipleship & Church Planting
Andrew and Ann L. | France - Media Production
Michelle M. | US - Outreach to Internationals
Aaron and Stacy | Asia - Church Planting
Rick & Kim Parker | Brazil - River Ministries
Brent and Marianne Pilson | France - College Ministry
Chalo & Beth Sandoval | Mexico - Church Planting
Steve & Marilyn Walden | US – Evangelism 

New Mid-Termer

Judy Hardin | England - Community Outreach

Our Candidates

Dorothy Anderson | Germany- Refugees & Discipleship
John and Alisa G. | East Asia - Evangelism & Discipleship
Sue K. | East Asia - Discipleship