Online Bible Study


Pray Like Jesus by Mark Driscoll - Starting June 30

Pray like Jesus is a 21-day journey (we will complete on Monday-Fridays) designed to take the mystery and monotony out of prayer. Together, we will learn from Jesus' teaching about prayer, as well as his own prayer life. Pray Like Jesus explores what prayer is, who we pray to, how we should pray, what we should pray for, and when and where we should pray. Start date is June 30.

This is a free study available through the YouVersion Bible app.


Our group meets daily using social media (Facebook). The online study format is a great medium for Bible study because life often prevents busy women from getting to a regular, in-person study. Westover Church is thankful that social media is helping women connect over the Word of God and to break down the barriers that busyness creates. 

Our online Bible study community also offers optional opportunities to gather in real life as time and schedules permit during the course of each study. In-person gatherings are designed to strengthen community and help women walk beside each other through the study of God's Word.

Even if you can't join this study, consider joining us in the future! We would be happy to slip a quiet reminder into your email inbox before the start of the next study.

Just email Andrea Snyder with future interest or with other questions.