Christ-Centered Racial Reconciliation

Christ-Centered Racial Reconciliation


Resources for Christ-Centered Racial Reconciliation

Compelled by the reconciling power of the Gospel, we are committed to be a church engaged in the ongoing work of Christ-centered racial reconciliation, which includes breaking down barriers of racial injustice that have dehumanized and divided.  We, therefore, believe it is our responsibility to equip one another with resources that help us grow in comprehensive awareness and understanding, while also moving us to action.

Although there are many excellent resources available, below is a brief listing of books, articles, movies/documentaries, studies and events that we believe will serve to prepare, equip and mobilize the people of God to engage humbly in the deep but necessary work of racial reconciliation.  It is also important to add that while we recommend these resources, we do not necessarily endorse everything presented by these authors and presenters.  As always, please use discretion and spiritual discernment.

*This list will be updated periodically.  While this is not a comprehensive list, if you are interested in going deeper, please contact our Local Missions Team 




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Family Resources 





Pastor Wes Ward Talks with Antwan McCoy About Christ-Centered Racial Reconciliation 

Local Missions Pastor Chris Shelton Speaks About Christ-Centered Racial Reconciliation and Micah 6:8 

Micah 6:8 from Westover Church on Vimeo.


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