Early Childhood

Nursery & Preschool
Sunday Mornings, 9AM & 10:30 AM

Check-In: Visitor check-in is located at the Children’s Information Center ('The Boat') on the first level from 8:45am until 9:15, and 10:00am - 10:45am). All children are required to check in prior to entering the classroom. Check-in Kiosks are located throughout the halls. Children are dropped off and picked up by parents at their individual classrooms. For security reasons, we request that you, the parent, not leave the campus while your child is in our care. Please write parent location on child's nametag. The parent tag is required for child pick up.

Nursery (Birth – Toddler)

A loving and nurturing ministry is provided during the Sunday morning services. Your child is special to us and we want his/her first impressions of church to be a positive one as they begin to learn about the love of Jesus. Below is some important information and guidelines that will help us care for your child and provide a safe and loving first impression of church.

Rooms: The Nursery consists of five rooms: an infant, a crawler, young toddler (beginning walker to 18 months), toddler (19 to 24 months). The older toddler room (25 to 35 months) will open in November. Your child will move up within the nursery rooms according to development and age.

Snack Time: Children receive a snack of Ritz crackers in the toddler rooms and cheerios in the crawler room. If your child has an allergy to these, please let us know.

Personal items: Please feel free to bring items which may comfort your child. We will do our best to keep up with that item but cannot be held responsible if something should happen to it. Please be sure to label all sippy cups, pacifiers, and any other items.

Preschool (2 yrs. – Thru Pre-K)

Young hearts and minds begin to lay their spiritual foundation of Biblical truths taught by our dedicated teaching team through learning centers, Bible lessons, music, crafts and free play. It is our desire to partner with parents to teach little ones that: God loves them, God made them, and God wants them to love and follow His son, Jesus.

Bible Lesson and Worship: There is a scheduled time for a Bible story and worship during each hour. We follow The Gospel Light curriculum.

Snack Time:
Children receive a snack of Ritz crackers and water. If your child has an allergy, please notify the team leader. You may provide a substitute snack for your child that is nut free. We do not allow any other food to be served in our classrooms in order to avoid unknown allergy problems. To avoid unintended sharing, please do not bring sippy cups.

Activity Time:
Your child's class may be taken outside to our playgrounds. Therefore, please keep this in mind when dressing your child for church and bring warmer outer clothing if the weather is chilly.

Helpful Tips: Tears are frequent for children entering a strange classroom with people they are not familiar with. Usually, these tears do not last long. Generally, a loving, but quick departure by the parents helps the child adjust more quickly. If your child continues to be upset after your departure, we will let you know. It is helpful if favorite items or toys are not brought to church so that they do not get mixed up with the room toys or create a problem should another child want that favorite item. Pacifiers should be clipped to your child’s clothing. Please label bags, sweaters, jackets, and other personal belongings.

Our Preschool Leadership Team members are always present in the Preschool hallway every Sunday. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are thrilled you are here and we look forward to getting to know you better.