Connect with God, the church, and your purpose in a Rooted discussion group. At Westover, Rooted lays the foundation for maturing as a follower of Jesus.
More than Informational, it's Transformational!

WHAT is "Rooted"?

"Rooted" is a 10-week community group experience that includes a brief daily devotional, a weekly discussion session, and some extra-curricular experiences. It originated in Africa and after seeing its profound affect on congregations there, a U.S. church partnered with them to create a version to be implimented in the States. Through reading, praying, discussion, and actions - "Rooted" helps you grow closer to Jesus as you learn to model your life after His.   

WHO is it for?

Everyone! Regardless of how long you've been a follower of Christ, our desire as a church is that everyone have the opportunity to go through Rooted. Rooted covers the foundational aspects of how we mature as followers of Christ and establishes a common way of talking about discipleship. It gives us the opportunity to be on the same page. For some, this material will be informational and practical to understand what it means to follow Jesus. For others, this material might be a concise review. Either way, Rooted provides great opportunities to discuss Biblical truths and how they impact our lives right now.   

HOW does it work?

Five days a week, you will spend about 10 minutes a day reading the Rooted workbook and responding to questions. Then weekly, you will meet with a group to discuss how working through the content and questions is impacting your walk with Christ. Example topics include:   

  • How has your understanding of God developed over time?
  • Is He speaking to you in some way now?
  • How can I make the most of my life?
  • Why is the church important?
Interested in Signing-Up?

If you think you might be interested in joining a Rooted group, email Diana Brown.