Ambassador Resources

Ambassador Resources


Living On-Mission as an Ambassador of Christ

We welcome you to a unique journey with Westover Church that will focus on what it means to be an Ambassador of Christ and how to make Him known to both our neighborhoods and the nations. Although we continue to find ourselves in an unusual time, instead of being paralyzed, the Gospel compels us to remain mobilized by living on-mission. While our methods continue to change, our mission as a church remains the same.

Each week of this Ambassador focus, we will be considering different descriptions of what an Ambassador of Christ does. Not only do we want to grow in our understanding of who an Ambassador of Christ is through the teaching of God’s Word, we also want to challenge you to take steps to put what we are learning together into action. We call this missional living. 

Along with our call for missional living is our need for biblical community and during the Ambassador focus, our challenge is to seek out community in a way that is comfortable. There are three main ways this could work:

  • HOME GATHERINGS | At your house with an existing small group, or with a friend or neighbor. Or, watch the service independently, then gather at a park to discuss. 

  • ON CAMPUS | Our services on campus will continue to be outside with a mixture of live and pre-recorded elements. If you’re able, join us at 9:30 am each Sunday.

  • VIRTUALLY | Create your own virtual small group or watch party. Do you need a virtual community to meet with during our Ambassador focus? Let us know here.

From the Neighborhood to the Nations

Our journey together will be progressive in nature, beginning with a focus as Ambassadors in our proximate neighbors/neighborhoods, to our work as Ambassadors to the nations.  This progression reflects our comprehensive commitment as a missional church both locally and globally.  As a result of our Ambassador focus, our prayer is that you will be: 

  • More connected with your neighbors and local neighborhood, 

  • Plugged-in to and regularly participating in local missions opportunities, and

  • Better connected with our global missional impact.

Our goal is to deepen the impact that we have in the communities where God has placed us for the sake of the gospel. Our Ambassador focus is about helping us develop a framework for a lifestyle of living on mission.

For some, this will serve as a starting point for engaging your neighbors for the first time. For others, this will take us even deeper.  Our heart is to be genuine and authentic in how we live this out and not manipulative in our actions. Remember, people are not projects. As disciples, our motivation must always be the gospel and our model must always be Jesus.

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