Black History Month 2023

February 01, 2023 | Found in: General , Featured
Black History Month

Since 1970, February has been designated as Black History Month in the United States - an opportunity to both celebrate the accomplishments of Black Americans and to remember the distinctive history of a people that includes the injustices of enslavement, oppression, segregation, and the repercussions of racism.  At the same time, Black History Month serves as a time to honor the significant contributions and achievements that have served to shape U.S history in pivotal ways.

The African-American experience bears witness to the historic and enduring realities and struggles for liberation, justice, and equality – all of which are central to the Gospel message. Only the Gospel holds the power to truly reconcile humanity to God and to one another (2 Corinthians 5:14-21), providing both the healing and solution to human sin, which includes the injustices, division, dehumanization and the sin of racism. It is our hope in the reconciliation of the Gospel, the sacredness of humanity and the vision of oneness and unity of the diversity of the kingdom of God (Revelation 7:9-10) that we join the celebration of Black History Month, specifically honoring those who have sacrificially labored for Biblical justice, ethnic harmony and Oneness among God’s people.

As a church called to Gospel-mission, which includes loving our neighbors and making disciples of Jesus among them, our desire is also to reflect the diversity of the kingdom of God on earth (as it will one day be in heaven) by reflecting the ethnic diversity of the city of Greensboro.  It is our Oneness in Christ that serves as a compelling witness to the world of the power of the Gospel. 

Action Steps & Resources 

While February is a time set apart to officially recognize Black history, Black history is being made all the time. We encourage you to continue learning about Black History, and have included several action steps and resources to get you started. 

Action Steps

1) Check out this article from NewSpring Church about 6 ways to pursue uncommon unity including suggestions for specific prayers, intentional stewarding of friendships, and more. 

2) Visit Greensboro's own International Civil Rights Center & Museum

3) We are blessed to know that the family of God is beautifully diverse (Revelation 7:9, Daniel 7:14). Consider visiting and worshiping with brother and sisters in Christ at a church whose ethnic makeup is different than your own. Some suggestions include:

4) Pray for racial unity in our church, our homes, and our communities. For suggestions on how to pray, check out this article.