Rovahnda Tate - Champion for Kids March 22, 2018

"Urgent Need – Westover Kids' Workers." The announcement struck a chord for educator Rovahnda Tate. She thought, "I'm a teacher. I can help." She'd served 11 years earlier when her oldest child was little. Ready to volunteer again, she now finds herself singing Bible verses, sharing Bible lessons, and loving on Westover's toddlers two Sundays a month. Early Childhood Associate Jamie Moler says Rovahnda "saw the need… and answered the call!"

Rovahnda doesn't just love on the littlest boys and girls at Westover either; she's a full-time champion of children and youth. On weekdays, she pours into the 7th graders who sit in her Language Arts' classroom at Kiser Middle School. On weeknights, she's sitting down to meals together with three kids of her own, ages six to 14.

When asked why – with such a busy schedule – she takes time to volunteer with Westover Kids, Rovahnda points out the importance of giving children a foundation in Christ, and "the earlier the better." Her parents, major influencers in her life, set the path of faith in front of her and her sisters. Rovahnda hopes to do the same, passing the torch to the next generation by "exposing them to Christ, to the right way to live, and to God's love."

Serving the toddlers of Westover fulfills another purpose, too. With the challenges of balancing a full-time job and family commitments, catching a few extra minutes of sleep on Sunday mornings sometimes seems easier than getting to church. Rovahnda says volunteering to be there for others' children helps keep her accountable. "If I can get up and go to work Monday through Friday," she emphasizes, "I can get up and get my family to church on Sunday."

Moler is glad she does: "It [has been] a joy to see her reestablish connections with several people who still teach and love on the littlest in the church." For her part, Rovahnda is quick to point out the stability in leadership Westover Kids has experienced through the years, as well as the significance in the heart of the ministry. Doing everything possible to draw kids toward Christ is the goal, and she's happy to be a part of it.


If you'd like to participate in connecting kids to Christ, contact, Maggie Scott, Volunteer Coordinator for Westover Kids.

By Julie Johnson 



Julie Johnson is a freelance writer in the Piedmont Triad and a member of Westover's creative arts team.