Reasons Why Jesus Came November 30, 2017

This Sunday marks the beginning of the Advent season.  The word “advent” comes from the Latin word adventus which means “coming.”  It’s during Advent that Christians prepare to celebrate the first coming of Jesus, marked by Christmas.

But why did Jesus come? During our upcoming sermon series called Coming, we’ll consider four of the many reasons the Bible gives for Jesus’ coming to earth.

As part of a recent Westover staff gathering, each team member was given a Bible verse which spoke of a reason for Jesus’ coming. Verses were read, and one-sentence summaries of why Jesus came were written for each verse.   

The eventual result?  An Advent celebration guide to be used by all!

For each day during Advent, beginning this Sunday through Christmas Day, you’re invited to reflect upon one reason (and corresponding Bible verse) why Jesus came. Twenty-three opportunities to grow in knowing, trusting, and worshipping the Savior!

Through the lens of our vision as a church, consider ways you can use this resource:


  • Thank God for the day’s listed reason for Jesus coming.
  • Repent of ways you’ve neglected your need for the day’s listed reason for Jesus coming.
  • Ask the Lord for wisdom on how to exercise dependent faith in the day’s listed reason for Jesus coming.


  • Read the daily reason/verse together with a friend. And then pray together.
  • Discuss the day’s reason/verse at the dinner table with family.
  • Text a reason/verse to someone each day as a blessing during the Christmas season.


  • Give the list to a non-believing friend, asking if he/she would be willing to consider reasons Jesus came.  Then, invite him/her for coffee, welcoming questions and discussing which reason(s) stood out most.
  • Use social media platforms to post the daily reason/verse.
  • Commit to specifically praying through each daily reason/verse given on behalf of a non-believing friend.

May this Advent season be marked by savoring the first coming of Jesus and anticipating his return! 

In Christ,

Chris Lewis, Teaching Pastor