Come, Lord Jesus January 04, 2021

Every new year after shouting "Happy New Year!" and kissing Donna, I voice the words: "Even so, come Lord Jesus!" 

In 2 Timothy 4: 8, Paul wrote about "the crown of righteousness ..." and then he added, "... and not just for me, but for all who long for His appearing."

Oh my! I do long for Jesus' return. Not because I hate this world ... and want out!

However, I do long to be done with sin! Personally, of course. As well as ... the constant reminders that our world does not function the way God created and intended.

I long for His kingdom. 

And ... I long to be with Jesus.

Even with all this world offers, creation can never give us what only the Savior can give. Creation points us to our Creator. I not only long for His kingdom, but also for Him.

Happy 2021.

Even so, come Lord, Jesus.

Pastor Don