Mentoring is a Way of Life January 29, 2018

Luke and Debra Lambeth felt the call to get involved with Westover's Marriage Mentoring ministry in early 2017. Having recently gone through the empty nest transition (they have 3 grown children), their marriage of 33 years had been through many seasons and they felt they had something to give back. They never had the chance to be mentored earlier in their marriage and would have loved to have had another couple come alongside them during some of their difficult times as husband and wife.

After going through training, the Lambeths are one of many marriage mentors who meet with a couple and empower them to open up and resolve their own conflicts while walking with the other couple the whole way.  Their genuine, down-to-earth manner and peaceful spirits minister to couples who are experiencing difficulties.

"Marriage mentoring isn't just for younger couples," commented Luke. "Marriages go through all sorts of stages and this ministry exists to help couples  who may be newly married as well as those that may have been married for years. That's why we are committed to this ministry and know that it can be very valuable for any marriage at any stage. It's most valuable if couples come to us before they are in crisis."

More about Westover's Marriage Mentoring Ministry

Westover is committed to cultivating healthy marriages and healthy families. 

Marriage mentoring is for couples who need just a little help as well as couples who face issues that are more serious.

Marriage mentors are trained how to identify key areas of concerns using an online couples diagnostic survey. They will carefully help you navigate through areas of concern in your relationship in a way that is loving and respectful. The weekly sessions will last up to 10 weeks and are about 1.5 hours long. 

Learn more and let us know if you are interested in being mentored here....