In Focus Virtual VBS

August 04, 2020

In Focus Virtual VBS 

August 4-7, 2020

In accordance with safety measures that have been outlined by our church leadership, and with respect for different comfort levels, VBS will be offered in two ways this year. For those who feel it is best for their family to maintain distance from others, they will be able to participate in VBS by watching a pre-recorded video during the week of VBS and will have the option of using a bag of supplies provided by the church. Families will also be offered the choice to participate in a Community Small Group during the week of VBS. That means we will group families based on zip codes, limiting the amount of people allowed in each group for social distancing purposes, equipping them with supplies as well as the pre-recorded video, to experience the VBS week together. 

Tuesday, August 4th 
6:30-8:00 PM   (Virtual at Home OR Meet Community Small Group)

Wednesday, August 5th   
6:30-8:00 PM   (Virtual at Home OR Meet Community Small Group)

Thursday, August 6th 
6:30-8:00 PM (Virtual at Home OR Meet Community Small Group)

Friday, August 7th 
6:30-8:00 PM (Drive-through Parade at Church)

*Option 1: VBS Community Small Group

What is a VBS Community Small Group? It is a group of families that will meet during the week of VBS. After registering for VBS, families who choose this option for participating in VBS will be assigned to a group by the Westover Kids staff based on zip code.  It is important to know that when you register for this option, you are acknowledging your willingness to host your Community Small Group for one night.

How will Community Small Groups work?

1. When you go to register for VBS, be sure to check that you are signing up for the Community Small Group. Small Groups will be organized according to where you live.

2. You will get an email later, telling you who is in your Community Small Group, along with contact information and home addresses. As a Community Small Group, you will decide which house you will go to on what night. There will not be a designated host house. (Many of you may have questions as to why we would not designate a host house for each group. So, in a normal situation we would be able to do that because our perimeters for the group wouldn’t be as limited. However, many may not want to host, leaving only a handful of houses to assign a large amount of people to. That isn’t adhering to our restrictions to keep numbers low for safety concerns.)

3. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night during VBS you would meet your group and use the pre-recorded videos, bag of supplies, and schedule to participate in VBS. Tuesday, you would stay at the host house the entire time. Wednesday, you would begin at the host house for that evening and then head to a nearby park. Finally, on Thursday, you would start at the host house for that night, and head to an assigned location to complete a service project with your family. Don’t forget to take pictures during the week and send those to us.

4. On Friday, the last night of VBS, you and your family could head over to the church anytime during the drive-through parade hours, and enjoy a night of celebration.

*Option 2: VBS at Home

1. Register for VBS (we want to know who is participating and if you would like a bag of supplies). You will watch the nightly videos, do crafts and complete a service project that works for your family.

2. Feel free to join us for the Celebration Parade on the last night of VBS at church.

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Event Details

Day: Tuesday
Start Time: 6:30pm
End Time: 8:00pm